Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope For Our Future

I did not vote for Barack Obama (I didn't vote for McCain either -- some day Green Party, some day), but I feel the weight of this historic day just the same. I think what made it hit home for me was seeing Jesse Jackson with tears streaming down his face. I wish that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. could have been standing there with him. I think of my own dear mother (a white woman) who bravely spoke up for African Americans at her all white high school and who endured her family's rejection to marry my Puerto Rican father. I think of my African American daughter Zemira whose first memories will include an African American president. This is a momentous occassion and a cause for celebration whether you voted for Obama or not. Can't you feel the generations of slaves rejoicing that America has finally gotten to this point? Can't you feel the satisfaction of reaching up into the tree the civil rights movement planted all those years ago and tasting this fruit? I can.
Is racism over? Certainly not, we still have a long way to go, but this election is a step in the right direction. This election was and is about more than just the issues of our day. It was and is about the spiritual state of our nation. It was and is about spiritual reconciliation. This is huge. I hope my white friends (especially my white Christian friends) realize how huge it is. When injustice is tangibly overthrown, when things that have blocked the blessings of God are removed, then justice and God's blessing can flow. This nation sinned terribly -- enslaving, torturing, raping, and killing other people, children of God, because of the color of their skin. Worse than that the American church participated in many of these sins. When revival broke out on Azuza street many Christians spoke out against it, not because of strange things happening, or miracles occurring, but because white and black people were worshiping together. Even today our congregations remain largely segregated. This should not be. The election of Barack Obama as president gives me hope that our nation can change. It gives me hope that our churches can change to become places where God pours out His Spirit on brothers and sisters of every color. It gives me hope for our future.


Matt Burgund said...

I agree with your point. My hope is that President-elect Obama is not a cheap counterfeit of Gods true plan for justice, restoration and hope. No, I'm not saying that those things existed in the McCain/Palin ticket. I am simply saying that justice is not justice if it is through a man who supports the killing of the near-born, almost-born and unborn. I am encouraged however because I see the opportunity for Mr. Obama to be influenced and romanced by my friend Jesus. I can say with complete honestly that I never felt that with Mr. McCain.

Today, in seeking answers from my Father in Heaven, I have received a simple word that answers many questions I have today (not just about the elections.) "There is a way that seems right to a Man that leads to death" - Proverbs 16:25.

I pray for our President-elect. God bless Mr. Obama and God bless America.

Paul Rivas said...

I don't think God's plan for justice rests on Obama. I do think that America's willingness to elect a black president shows it is more open to God's plan for racial justice.
I agree that Obama's stance on abortion is problematic.

Rebecca said...

I did vote for Obama. But I also voted green on our senate race!

I am cautiously hopeful, but also cynical. It is a big step, and I second those black voters who are relishing just the chance to vote for an african american for president. R & I were wondering about if having a black president would have a measurable effect on the self-esteem of minority school children. (Although we are skeptical of social scientists really being able to tell.)

Matt said...

Paul.. again a good point.

Cindi said...

I agree, we felt it was historic too. I had tears in my eyes. I remember when Martin Luther King was killed. Jesse Jackson was with him on the balcony, and then to see him (Jesse J) standing in the crowd with tears streaming down his face while Obama was speaking last night truly touched me. I don't agree with Obama's views on abortion either, but I don't think we can deny that God could possibly be working in hearts in a way we hadn't expected.