Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Christians, Truth, and Obama

I have had it with all the lies circulating about Barrak Obama. I, as all Americans, expect mud to fly during an election season, but enough is enough! Obama is not Muslim. He does not refuse to say the pledge of allegiance, he does not mock the Bible. Do the people who start and those who perpetuate these lies think it is godly to do so? It's not.
If you are going to vote against Obama, let it be because you disagree with his policies, not because of some stupid internet lie! (Grrr!)
As Christians we should be truthful, let alone loving, so before you send out another factless email about how Obama will destroy "Christian" America think, "Is this loving? Is it even true?"


Rebecca said...

i just heard a comment like that on an NPR show from a white female voter - that Obama is a Muslim. It makes me really depressed. I mean, are people really that stupid? How is that possible?????

link to the transcript:

Matt Burgund said...

Yeah.. Me too. I heard someone the other day rattle off some obvious propaganda as if it was written in the book of Hezekiah. There are plenty of things to disagree with the man on, there is no need to call him the Anti-Christ.

Cindi said...

I've had trouble understanding why people forward those emails, too, without even checking to verify them. The bible mentions lies, slander, and gossip but I don't think people think of the emails like that. Within a few minutes, the lie can be spread to thousands.
I think most people probably forward them out of fear.